Welcome to Medal on My Mind

Medal on My Mind is a blog for speculation about the Stonewall Book Award – Mike Morgan & Larry Romans Children’s & Young Adult Literature Award that aims to promote LGBTQIA+ children’s and YA books and generate conversation about what constitutes “exceptional merit” when it comes to awarding them. The work of four queer librarians, Medal on My Mind follows in the footsteps of other mock award blogs in the children’s literature community (we’re looking at you, Heavy Medal, Calling Caldecott, Someday My Printz Will Come, and Guessing Geisel).

Between September and ALA’s Youth Media Award announcements in early February, we will consider individual books as possible contenders for the award, as well as highlighting additional titles through round-ups on shared themes and formats. These discussions will go beyond the nebulous idea of “literary merit,” taking a critical look at what identities are represented, how they are represented, and who is doing the representing. We are committed to looking beyond the parameters of the award as stated—“gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience”—to support an expansive, inclusive, and intersectional understanding of queerness.

Our approach throughout is multi-voiced, and we won’t always agree with one another. We’re a small team with a finite range of identities and experiences, and we recognize our own responsibility to be constantly learning. At the same time, we appreciate input from additional viewpoints, so please feel free to engage in the comments or contact us at medalonmymind@gmail.com.

We have no affiliation with the current Stonewall Award committee, and our views are our own. Our opinions do not reflect those of the institutions with which we are affiliated. Our commentary on books does not constitute review.

We look forward to speculating with you.

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